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Ethernet over Copper Service Providers | EoC Internet Price Quotes

Should You Use Ethernet Over Copper Internet?

It has taken over as the go-to choice for many business’ telecommunications needs, but is Ethernet over copper internet right for you?

Here’s what you need to know in order to make an educated decision: 

-  The costs of copper are a fraction of anything fiber-based

In fact, Ethernet over copper internet is so cheap that you can usually get much higher bandwidth for less than what you’d pay for a T1 line!  As a result, copper is a way for small businesses to get a state-of-the-art telecommunications solution, without breaking their budgets.

And, if you want to cut costs even more, opt for a provider that’s close to your business.  The less distance your line has to travel, the less copper you’ll need to use.  Since copper is a pricey commodity, the less of it you can use, the much better your wallet will feel! 

-  There are a number of bandwidth options

Ethernet over copper internet doesn’t come with bandwidth that’s as high as fiber, but there are plenty of copper options, too.  By bonding “dry pairs” of copper wire together, your provider can customize your bandwidth to meet your exact needs. 

-  The speed is symmetrical

For some businesses, this is a bigger perk than having a ton of bandwidth!  When you opt for cable or DSL, your download speed is much faster than your upload speed – which does you no good when you’re trying to upload those important papers to that big client or trying to take part in the company-wide video conference. 

Luckily, though, when you have Ethernet over copper internet, you’ll be able to send data (or video, or audio) just as quickly as you receive it.

-  The connection can go to your choice of networks

One of the biggest perks of Ethernet over copper internet is that you can tailor it to meet your unique network needs.  So, if you want a VPN, it will work.  Or, if you want a private LAN, it will work.  Either way, you’ll be able to connect multiple office locations to create a WAN.  That way, no one in your company has to worry about being out of the loop!

-  The setup is simple

In fact, for you, getting your Ethernet over copper internet up and running is as simple as plugging it in!  Your provider will take care of stringing the cable and bonding it together.  Other than that, there’s no complicated equipment to worry about – or to make room for!

-  The connection is guaranteed

Unlike cable and DSL – where you’re sharing a connection with every other customer on the block – your Ethernet over copper internet connection will be restricted to the people on your network. 

Plus, a good provider will promise you 99.99% uptime – and back it up in writing, in a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

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